Fall for a 'Stick Season' shoot!

If you've ever considered a late fall session in "Stick Season" I would highly suggest it. Yes, the fall foliage has dropped and those bright colors have faded away. Faded not into nothing, but soft browns and oranges, the grasses are tall and have their little feathery bits out to catch the golden sun rays and the sky becomes dramatic with cold clouds bringing promise of snow. Fall is not gone, but in the final beauty before winter. It's a time to create warm, cozy photos and with Chays + Alyssa and their sweet golden, Ted, we did just that. We had an absolutely gorgeous Michigan day at Asylum Lake here in Kalamazoo. They got "the last nice day" (at least what I'm calling it) in mid November that Michigan had to offer before snow; sunshine, clear skies, and believe it or not, 60 degrees! Not only did Michigan deliver beautiful weather, but some pretty precious photo-bombers, deer (not rented or trained), wild, who stuck around while we used them for backdrop. I hope you enjoy these two's beautiful Stick Season shoot as much as I did. Enjoy!