Wedding Photography Trends: Smash or Pass

The world of weddings and how to capture them is an ever-changing landscape. It can be hard to find the balance between being trendy while staying timeless. I’ve compiled a list of current trends: Some are smash worthy… others you need to pass on.

Candid Storytelling: Smash

One trend that continues to dominate the wedding photography scene is candid storytelling. Couples and photographers alike are embracing the beauty of capturing genuine, unposed moments throughout the wedding day, let your couple be themselves, they can surprise you and themselves.

From stolen glances to heartfelt laughs, these candid shots help weave a narrative that tells the unique story of each couple's special day. Candid storytelling creates a timeless collection of images that transport you back to those cherished memories, making it a trend that's here to stay.

Heavy Presets: Pass

While some editing can enhance the mood and style of your images, going overboard can lead to unnatural-looking results. Instead, opt for natural, true coloring that reflects the day. Remember, your goal is to capture the beauty and emotions of the day, so strive for a balance that maintains authenticity and preserves the memories for the couple. It’s not Instagram circa 2013. We can lay off the over-exposure and hyper-pigmentation, please. As a photographer, you should be a manipulator of light and learn how to get those flares in camera and coloring that will leave your clients remembering their day, not a trend. While pre-sets are a quick way of editing, learn to build your own instead of buying them from another photographer, I've seen to many photographers that are using the same presets... Believe me we can tell!

Scenic Backgrounds: Smash

Another trend that has been gaining popularity is incorporating breathtaking landscapes into wedding photos. From vast open fields to sprawling mountaintops, more couples seek natural and picturesque backdrops to enhance their wedding portraits. 

These scenic landscapes not only provide a stunning setting but also add depth and a sense of awe to the photographs. So, if you have a couple who loves the outdoors, consider exploring nearby locations that can elevate their wedding album to new heights. Being in Michigan doesn't always yield itself to 'sprawling mountaintops', but the top of a dune or the openness of a field, or the overlook of a city can deliver the same concept when picking the backdrop, doing that gives couples a sense of their surroundings. Perhaps why they picked their venue in the first place.

Rigid Posing: Pass

Another trend to be mindful of is overly stylized posing. While providing guidance and direction to your subjects is important, posing should never overshadow their natural connection and emotions.

Instead of over posing, opt to encourage couples to relax, be themselves, and interact naturally with each other. This will result in photographs that truly reflect their love and genuine bond, creating images that they will cherish for a lifetime. Typically, when you set them up in a pose, have them dance together or move; maybe have them whisper something 'inappropriate or funny' in their partner's ear... That always gets a giggle or two.

Documentary-Styles Photos: Smash

In recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of intimate, small-scale weddings. With couples opting for more personal and cozy celebrations, documentary-style photography has become a favored approach.

This style captures the raw emotions, heartfelt interactions, and intimate moments shared between loved ones. The emphasis is on documenting the genuine essence of the day, resulting in a heartfelt and authentic visual narrative that stands the test of time.

Ultimately, the best wedding photography trend resonates and aligns with the wedding’s vision. Photographers, remember to communicate and collaborate closely with the couple, understanding their preferences and desires for their wedding photos. 

Couples, remember that wedding photography is about capturing the love, joy, and unique moments of your special day. Embrace the trends that inspire you, but always stay true to your own artistic style and your story. Happy capturing!

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